Vriend: CSi Palletising

CSi palletising since 1964

With its roots in Rotterdam, CSi has been in business since 1964! Originally as a small conveyor supplier. The company grew and eventually became part of the Swedish PLM-group in the 1970s.
During the 1980s it became an independent company, until it was bought by Stork. After several attempts to restructure the Stork Group, there was a management buyout and from 2001 onwards CSi became an independent company again.

The organisation has been around for a long time but still has unexplored paths before it, making it an exciting place to work. CSi palletising accredits on the following for its continued success:

  • Passionate people with a flexible attitude
  • Teamwork for delivering the best machines with the team
  • Innovative techniques for developing a progressive organisation
  • Open culture
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